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Monday, January 12, 2009

Carole Florman: Ms. Sensitivity?

I forgot to add one quote to my post today. Carole Florman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies has stated she is "very concerned" about access for people with disabilities. According to Florman she hopes people with "special needs" such as the disabled, elderly and children take seriously the potential for enormous crowds and dreadful weather. She also thinks that:

"Some people may be better off trying to watch it [the inauguration] on TV".

Gee, thanks Ms. Florman. Now I know that not only were there circumstances beyond your control that prevent people with disabilities from attending the inauguration but you were also worried about our well being and safety. We disabled people are ever so fragile and dependent upon the kindness of others. This sort of antiquated thinking was used to prevent disabled children from attending public school (they were a fire hazard) or flying on commercial jets (they were a flight safety risk). The year is 2009 not 1959.

The fact is Obama is rapidly developing a reputation for holding events that are not accessible. He did this during the campaign and now in an event that is supposedly the most accessible inauguration in history his staff is telling people with disabilities they should watch the inauguration at home on TV.


Becs said...

Because, like, you know, it's soooo depressing to see all those crippled people.

william Peace said...

Becs, Now, now, let's be nice. I am sure Ms. Florman is doing her best. She has lots of experience organizing large events and is experienced establishing reasons why there is no access for people with disabilities.