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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Party Time

I was at wound care today. Wow, I got a rave review. Yes, me for being the "poster boy of patient compliance". More importantly my skin got a rave review. The wound on my left has filled in. I no longer need the wound vacuum on my left. the only thing left to heal is the skin itself and that will fill in over time. The right too is better. The wound is almost filled in and the surrounding skin that was not looking great is much better. Being free of the wound vacuum on the left side is huge--a sure sign of significant progress and at a practical level I am no longer considered a "complex case". But the best news of all is the most mundane. I get to sit for 30 minutes a day. Yes, 30 glorious minutes will be spent in my wheelchair. I am beside myself with joy. Yet even this joy is tempered by reality. Today before went to wound care I looked at my house. All my furniture has been moved and I obviously knew that. But I went into my kitchen and was astounded. Nothing is where it once was. While I am not anal about organization I do like to know where stuff is. I now have no clue as to where a pot, pan, towel, sheet, or any other household item is located. In short pretend you went on vacation, a long one, and when you got back your entire house was rearranged--poorly. You may wonder what will I do when I get sit up? Clean and organize. Less cleaning but a massive restructuring of what once was. This is not sour grapes but rather an inevitable result of being dependent upon other people. Even seeing my messy house cannot spoil my wonderful mood. I am back baby--or well on my way! Time to celebrate with an extra beer tonight and the NY Ranger game. Gosh, life is pretty simple sometimes.


Becs said...

The only time my mother-in-law came to visit, she completely re-arranged my kitchen because "it made more sense" that way. She was not invited back.

Arts&Disability said...

This is really great news! I mean that healing part! But, really its probably good also that you even feel like complaining about the mundane of house organization! Have a super evening!
His Sonshine

Unknown said...

Happy to hear you are healing. When it comes to the rearranging part of your home without your permission, that is unacceptable. At one point, I marked what was in each cabinet, etc. by writing down on 3x5 cards what was to be kept there and taped the 3x5 cards to appropriate places with masking tape. Ream them out! You have no idea if anything was stolen. Get on with life. Take charge and enjoy!

Unknown said...

I am truly happy that you have made progress! Celebrate! However, the intrusion on your personal belongings is 100% unacceptable. Perhaps this is one portion you might consider for your book. The reason I chose to label my cabinets and household with 3x5 cards is because they stuck out like a sore thumb. Take Charge! Enjoy life!

william Peace said...

Becs, My mother in law thought I was a cross between the anti-Christ and Satan. Yikes, in laws can be difficult.
Arts, YES, if I am making such meaningless complaints I am doing great.
Ginger, The reorganization was required. I had a hand in part of it. The rest of what has been moved is innocent--it is not at all a matter of disrespect or lack of care. It is the inevitable product of four people putting stuff back where they thought it belonged. However, if I am ever in this situation again I will use your index card idea--it is a great solution.

erika said...

I'm so very happy for you!