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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Twas the night before Christmas... Shoot someone stole my line. So tomorrow is the big day. I look forward to seeing my son's face when he opens his gifts. I look forward to a good meal and family. I look forward to seeing my black lab happy to have many humans about with whom she will play. I look forward to a roaring fire in the wood burning stove. I even look forward to Christmas music because I only listen to it on the day of Christmas. I am thankful I am healthy for I spent more than one Christmas sick and in the hospital a child. And truth be told those were the best Christmas' I ever had. Why? Well who does not feel bad for a kid in the hospital? I even got sympathy from my siblings! Staff went way out of their way to make kids happy as did my parents. And this is what Christmas is all about--good cheer and giving to others. By good cheer I mean putting on a smile and trying to make others feel better emotionally. This does not entail gifts but giving of one's sprit--the real meaning of Christmas. In terms of giving I do not mean gifts, sure gifts are fun to receive and give. The real giving is the gift of time and care for loved one's. Yikes, this may all sound trite as I am trying to get across sentiments that are hard if not impossible to express. It is in essence the most basic aspects of life I am thrilled to have. The love of my son, a good home, a wonderful family, friends. These things make me feel like a rich man. And so I extend my best to all those that come across these words. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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erika said...

Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful time with your son!