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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Room with a View

This is what I look at from my bed in the living room. My house is oriented to the northwest so the sunsets are wonderfully colorful. I have a set of three six foot sliding doors in the living room that open up onto a deck. My house is on a ridge and I can see for miles. Every day I look out my window I realize I am a very lucky man. I may be stuck inside and house and bed bound but it is a beautiful place to be stuck.

We are having yet another snow/ice storm. For the first time my roof had to be cleared of snow. My brother spent hours on my roof yesterday shoveling snow. Thankfully I have no gutters and a slight slope roof incline. Of course this is easy for me to write as I was not the one on the roof. Schools are closed today and I have not seen a car go by since I saw a plow go by at 5AM. How I love winter! My love this year is tempered by the fact I have been a mere observer this season. Next year I am going to ski to my heart's content. Who knows I may even get to ski in late March. Ah, dreams on an icy day.

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