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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lives Worth Living

Thursday night, Lives Worth Living, a documentary film about the history of the disability rights movement will be broadcast by PBS. The advance reviews have been outstanding. The film maker, Eric Neudel, has received many awards. Beth Haller, author of Representing Disability and an expert on the mass media, was "completely wowed by this powerful documentary that packs 50 years of disability rights history into 54 minutes." I will not be able to see the film Thursday but I am sure PBS will rebroadcast it. I urge all those with even a passing interest in disability rights and history to watch the film. I for one am deeply moved when I see disability activists from the 1960s and 1970s. For me it is like looking back in time. I get to see the old hair styles, clothes and terrible wheelchairs produced by Everest and Jennings. If this sort of imagery is interesting check out the Disability Rights Education Defense Fund You Tube videos on line.


Phil Dzialo said...

A great production by independent lens for PBS...for those who missed it or couldn't stay up that late, PBS will have the DVD for sale in about two weeks.

Suzanne said...

Was not able to see it, but I understand it was missing the blind community and their role in the movement.