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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feeling Smart and Powerful

My power went out early this morning. My heart sank for a second and then I felt smart. I called my brother and within 40 minutes he had my fancy generator going. The clinitron bed sprang back to life. A couple of lights are on, phone is charged and I am back in business. No worries here. What a relief. In fact I am glad the power is out. I wondered if the costly generator would be akin to carrying an umbrella all day, a sure thing it will not rain. So my power is out but I am far from powerless. Better yet, my son is coming home this afternoon for Thanksgiving. It will be wonderful to see him. My fridge is stocked up with his favorite foods. Life is so funny. When I was his age I thought my folks were so strange the way they took delight in feeding me. Now I feel the same way and have no doubt my son thinks I am odd. Ah, the cycles of life.

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Nessie Siler said...

Happy Thanksgiving William! Have a wonderful day :)