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Monday, April 9, 2012


I am leaving early tomorrow morning for Washington DC. I will be attending the TEDMED conference. Thanks to the Hastings Center I received a full scholarship to attend. Without this support attending the conference would not have been possible. I am going as a delegate and scholar. Sounds impressive. I eagerly await this conference as I often watch the TED Talks. If you are not familiar with them check out You Tube or Netflix. The talks are uniformly engaging. I hope to get some good photos that I will try and post. I am somewhat nervous about transportation. Washington DC and accessible transportation has been problematic at best. There is a stark dichotomy between what is supposed to be accessible and what is actually accessible. I have been assured I will not encounter any problems. Gee, some how I think I have heard this before. Always get worried when I am told not to worry, it is a recipe for disaster.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, good luck! I was just in D.C., and while I didn't have my daughter with me, I noticed quite a bit how inaccessible the city seemed overall. I do hope you find this NOT to be true, though, and I look forward to your posts about your trip!

Eric said...

oh god I live in D.C. and Metro's elevators have been breaking down all the time for years (as well as the escalators). we do have low-floor buses, though.

the public transport here sucks in general. though it used to be good, years of shoddy upkeep have taken their toll and they're just making up for it now (interrupting service along the way). ugh. pet peeve, sorry.

wishing you luck.

Phil Dzialo said...

Can't wait to get a report from you...and I am sure that we will. I love the TED series, usually objective and quite informative. Best wishes for an accessible adventure !