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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More on Health Care: But Not From Me

Thanks to Elizabeth who left a comment on my last post I read What Health Insurance Means to Me at Busily Seeking...Continual Change. Wow, and I thought my words the last few days were harsh.  I read this blog once in a while but for whatever reason it has fallen off my radar.  I have always admired Jeneva Burroughs writing and found the below paragraph to be searing. I urge everyone to read the last two posts she has written about the health care debate. 

During this election, I imagine very little will be said about healthcare, the only exception being Romney's undoubted promise to overturn "Obamacare," whatever that actually may be. Hovering behind him may be Paul Ryan, like the swordsman who beheaded Anne Boleyn, distracting our attention with homilies about hard work and shared sacrifice before he swings the arc of his sword behind us, neatly severing our intelligence from our primordial gut responses to the appeal of American individualism. He'll mop up our blood with Medicare vouchers and toss them to the crowd.


jeneva22 said...


All my best to you.

Becs said...

A hospital is trying to sever a man's parental rights to his comatose son. Not only can the health care industry decided whether or not you have the right to medical treatment, they're trying to have a say over who your family is.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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william Peace said...

Kate, I am unaware of any affordable health care policy for a paralyzed person such as myself. Insurance companies are required by law to offer me a policy but the law does not require it to be affordable. I am lucky to have a bad health insurance policy.