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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Little Saturday Morning Levity

I was up well before light today. In fact I was done with my tea and had cleaned the kitchen before there was any semblance of light. I would like to point out for those who are not morning people that I am a polite morning person. I am quiet as a church mouse. I regale in my alone time and every good idea I have ever had has popped into my brain before 8AM.

I tend to be a serious person. In fact my son thinks I am without humor--a Data like being.  If you do not know who Data is look up the TV series Star Trek. So in an effort to be funny I suggest you watch the following spoof. It reminded me of the dreadful articles the NY Post published about fake service dogs.


Jason Nolan said...

lol. that's funny and sad, and brings up a problem. Being autistic, I am barred from any sort of special needs seating or accommodation, even when I actually need it. Anyone with an invisible disability, illness or chronic pain related health issue should also get some access.

That said, I'm angered when someone with a mobility issue gets on a bus and people complain about having to make space! Happened last week. I wanted to hit them with sticks.

I can certainly stand when someone with mobility issues needs the space, but I'd sure love a seat in the place of some lazy hipster pup.

william Peace said...

Jason, You are 100% correct that invisible disabilities such as Autism create a different set of issues. And yes accommodations for people with Autism is inadequate. I think of this every time I travel and wonder why do airports, bus stations, hotels etc. have a quiet room for instance.
As for the bus, it is very rare people complain about my presence--at least in NYC at non rush hour times. What I do find objectionable is people that refuse to give up theri seat for an elderly person. This makes me crazy.

Middle Child said...

I am the only morning person in our family - so I know what you mean. I wake up (usually) and my brain is ticking over...I remember when I was little walking about the yard with my dad (another morning person) about 5am talking our heads off and tending to chooks and other... all my good ideas come to me in the morning - actually I have a sense of humour but not everyone is ready to receive it before they have their eyes open. Re hidden disabilities - our youngets struggles and has done for over ten years sadly withsome different conditions which leave her with sever CFS...standing for a long time is out for her - but she looks fine if a little small and pale