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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Syracuse Redeemed!

I was getting gas yesterday in an industrial like area of Syracuse. Thanks to waze, my favorite app on my cell phone, I found the cheapest gas station in town. As I was getting out of the car I noticed a man filling up a large truck and thought thank goodness I am not paying that bill. We made eye contact and exchanged nods. As I got in my wheelchair the man said "Wow, I never saw anyone get in and out of a car with a wheelchair like your". My face turned to stone--as it usually does when such a statement is directed my way. The truck driver instantly noted the change in my facial expression and said "I am sorry I bet people comment on your wheelchair every time you get gas." I replied "pretty much". He laughed and said "people ask me how much it costs to fill the truck with gas pretty much every time". He drew out "pretty much" and then we both laughed. 313 million people live in the USA. I encountered one man who had social skills and understood the meaning of his words.  I wonder how many others get it. Perhaps one day I should start a tally.

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