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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Omni Parker House Reply to the Lack of ADA Compliance

I just received the following inadequate response from Jeffrey Collura from the Omni Hotel Parker House in Boston.

Hello Mr. Peace,

I am writing in response to the survey you have completed.  Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  We will be reviewing your feedback as a group and implementing anything that would make our ADA guests’ stay more enjoyable.

Thank you for staying with us.

Jeffrey Collura
Director of Rooms

What a disappointment. Hello? Really? I would think one would err on the side of formality rather than use the colloquial hello. How about an offer of a free room or a refund? I read reviewing feedback as a group means no changes will be made any time soon. In fact the response appears to be a pre-written stock reply.  The Omni lost my business for sure.  


Lynn said...

What's an "ADA guest"...?


Sheraton Boston has a pool lift, FYI.

william Peace said...

A person that requests an accessible room.

Lynn said...

I just meant... is that really the appropriate/respectful term?

I would have hoped that guests would be simply guests, and that the ADA modifier would refer to the accommodations, not to the person requesting them.

Which only reinforces the complete indifference of the message overall.

william Peace said...

Lynn, Good question r.e. the term. I have never seen it used before. In retrospect it almost appears as though English is a second language. Extremely disappointing. I have had more responsive emails from cheap motels.

william Peace said...

Lynn send me your email address.

Glee said...

I noticed that label too and was just astonished. Of course they have to label you/us Bill. And they have labelled you as a person in relation to an Act of Law. A Rule. No one much likes Rules.

You know how you wrote about the person with a "Risk of Fall" wrist band on them. This ADA Guest is another example of that negative labelling.

What damn label do they put on their other guests? The Normal Guest, the Ableoid Guest, the Homosexual Guest, the Black Guest??? FFS.

I have noticed that since our respective Laws regarding Ableism have been introduced, there has been an upswelling of ableism and labelling and hostility towards complying with the Laws, and therefore towards us. Lots and lots of negativity about our Rights. Lots of plain mean mindedness. It hurts every day.