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Sunday, September 7, 2014


New Mobility has a story about my background and career as a scholar particularly as it relates to the lack of wheelchair access at academic conferences. Here is the link: Mark Boatman did a good job writing this story up. The best part of the article was a great photograph of me leading a zombie roll/walk at Syracuse University last April for a conference "Cripping the Con". I gave the keynote talk about the Walking Dead and Assisted Suicide. I had great fun that day and it was without question the met accessible academic conference I ever had the pleasure to attend and participate in.


SCA said...


Great art or just pretty tech? Thumbs up or down? (Inquiring minds want to know!)

william Peace said...

SCA. I saw this the other day. Therected is an American version of this. It reminds me of a clown car. For local usage it is of some utility. A 2 or 3 mile trip to grocery shop. I get that. City use perhaps? Yup I get that. Two huge problems. First, cost. The majority of people that would benefit are too poor to afford such a vehicle. Second, it assumes disabled people are always alone and are friendless. To this I will add those that know nothing about disability will think cool. It is cool but has severely limited use.