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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Silence

I have not posted in a long time. My mother is very elderly and seriously ill hence my silence. I will be back to posting regularly relatively soon. I appreciate the many inquiries about my silence. I am fine. Please send good thoughts and prayers to my Mother, Agnes M. Peace. She is an amazing woman. If not for her fierce care and love for me as a morbidly sick child I would not have lived to become an adult. As I tell many, I hit the parent lottery. My parents were as close to perfect as humanly possible.

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Anonymous said...

May Agnes M. Peace know she is loved beyond all reason, and that her presence in your life has been powerful and important. May all treatment that is given be appropriate, useful, successful, and without unwanted effects. May any pain be swiftly and safely relieved. May each hand that touches her be a caring hand.