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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Satoshi Uematsu Letter

The UK Daily Mail has published the letter written by Satoshi Uematsu who has been arrested for the mass murder of 19 people with a  disability. The Daily Mail is not the most reliable news source. Given the international attention the killing spree has gained I feel it is not premature to post the letter as reproduced in the Daily Mail.Link below the letter. 

The letter is chilling. Ableism in its most deadly form. 

Dear Lower House Speaker Tadamori Oshima,
Thank you very much for reading this letter. I can wipe out a total of 470 disabled individuals.
I am fully aware that my remark is eccentric. However, thinking about the tired faces of guardians, the dull eyes of caregivers working at the facility, I am not able to contain myself, and so I decided to take action today for the sake of Japan and the world.
My reasoning is that I may be able to revitalize the world economy and I thought it may be possible to prevent World War III.
I envision a world where a person with multiple disabilities can be euthanized, with an agreement from the guardians, when it is difficult for the person to carry out household and social activities.
I believe there is still no answer about the way of life for individuals with multiple disabilities. The disabled can only create misery. I think now is the time to carry out a revolution and to make the inevitable but tough decision for the sake of all mankind. Let Japan take the first big step.
Would Mr. Tadamori Oshima, who bears the world, use his power to make the world proceed in a better direction? I sincerely hope you would deliver this message to Mr. Shinzo Abe. This is the answer I reached after serious thinking about what I can do for humankind.
Dear Lower House Speaker Tadamori Oshima, would you lend your power for the sake of dear Japan and all humankind?
Please give this full consideration. Satoshi Uematsu
The Plot: It will be carried out during the night shift, when staffing is low. The target will be two facilities where many multiply disabled people reside.
Staff on guard will be strapped with cable so they can't move and can't make contact with anyone outside. The act will be carried out speedily, and definitely without harming the staff. After wiping out the 260 people in two facilities, I will turn myself in.
In carrying out the act, I have several requests. After my arrest, my incarceration should be up to two years, and please let me lead a free life afterward. Innocence on grounds of insanity. A new name (Takashi Iguro), government registration and documents such as a driver's license needed for everyday life.
A disguise for regular society through plastic surgery. Financial aid of 500 million yen ($5 million). I would like these conditions to be promised.
If you can make your decision, I will carry it out at any time. Please consider this fully for the sake of Japan and world peace.
I hope with all my heart that this can be discussed with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, although I am sorry to trouble him in an unimaginably busy schedule.
Satoshi Uematsu

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Jersey Cub said...

Hello William,

Euthanasia of the disabled and the elderly is already going full time in California hospitals. My wife, Laurie, who dedicated her life to access for the disabled, was euthanized in a San Francisco hospital. She had Primary Progressive MS. Despite her disability she loved life. Her caregivers loved working with her. We have no idea how many patients have been murdered. But we do know it is very large. I get about one referral a week of a person whose loved one was euthanized against their will. We are forming an organization called Stop Euthanasia in California Hospitals and Hospice. We will have an online newspaper out shortly. We also plan to do actions at these hospitals. I really appreciate the work that you are doing.

Mike Hodas

Anonymous said...

@Jersey Cub

I tried sending you an email, but it didn't work. Here's what I tried to send:

Have you heard of the Jerika Bolen story? What are your thoughts on her impending "assisted suicide?" Do you believe she is under pressure by family/finances to end her life? She is only 14. I am a disability activist who goes to Arizona State University. I also have profound disability.I and another activist started a campaign called Letters to Jerika, but I fear it is not enough. I am desperate fr a way to reach her. I almost want to sue her parents for allowing her to be thrown a prom for thousands of dollars celebrating her death, but not save for a college fund.

Please, I am interested in your response and in learning more about your work in California. Blessings to you and your late wife, whom I am so sorry to hear of passing.

Bless, SD