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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Denver Colorado Fun

Marijuana is legal in the great state of Colorado. For those that would like to know more about the legal use of marijuana in the state here is a link: For those that might visit Colorado here is another link that serves as a guide. Link:

Like many, long ago I smoked marijuana in college. Never did I dream it would become legal. Never did I dream of seeing the sort of buds I saw today. A revolution has taken place and I have been happily oblivious. But no more! There is a world to explore and I am a happy man. Here is proof positive I am man of good cheer.

Remember my good readers the above is perfectly legal and I remain a law abiding citizen.


A said...

You look healthy and mellow. A man of good cheer, indeed.

JJ said...

how does cannabis effect you, Ive never tried it but I read that it can raise heartrate which is a danger to me. Ive got to keep my heartrate low as I have had high heartrate in the past & respiratory issues, so I am apprehensive to try it