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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


For all those that celebrate Christmas I wish you well. Good cheer to all. If you have the time I highly recommend you cut and paste the link below. Wheelie Catholic has written an interesting Christmas post.


AriSparkles said...
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AriSparkles said...

Hi William, I just came upon your blog and spent a while reading. You are a fantastic writer and i look forward to reading your book. My mother and my best friend are wheelchair users, stroke survivors. My boyfriend is deaf. I am disabled myself. I have Bipolar disorder. Most of my friends are also mentally ill, as I go to a day program known as Fountain House. One of the most beautiful women I knew applied cosmetics with her toes because she has no use of her hands. Keep fighting the good fight and I will keep reading.

I am going into the Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing major at Fashion Institute of Technology because I want to pioneer cosmetics packaging that is easy to use for those with limited hand use such as strokes and arthritis.

Becky Andrews said...

Each time I read your blog I find myself reflecting and gaining new insight and also taking a look at what can I do to make a difference in this journey. Thanks for sharing your words and the difference you are making. I wish you much joy in 2013.

william Peace said...

AriSparkles, Thanks for the kind words. Discrimination against all disabilities shares the same root. I have long held people with cognitive disabilities or mental illness experience the most discrimination.
Becky, Thanks for the kind words. I too learn from your writing. I love to read about you and Cricket. I love to observe the team work between a guide dog and blind person. Very cool.