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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Walking Dead and Assisted Suicide at Cripping the Con

My talk at Syracuse April 9, 2014. 
The most fun I ever had presenting a paper. 
Disability Cultural Center at Syracuse is outstanding. 


Middle Child said...

Hahaha The Walking Dead! Am watching your talk - good reasoning re medical care... now back to it

william Peace said...

Middle, That was the most fun I ever had giving a talk. As those interested in body art and modification would say, I let my freak fly.

Anonymous said...

This video looks like you gave a great talk and had a great time. I'd really like to know what you said.

Any chance of posting a video with higher-volume sound?

Even with my hearing aids and auxiliary speakers, I'm only getting the words that you emphasize. I'm not deaf as a post (at least, not yet), but this video is tough.