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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wound Care Update

I have been getting away from giving updates on my wound. The reason for this is simple: I continue to heal. I have been free of the wound vacuum for more than a month and hopefully will never see the damn machine again. I still have wound care come to my house to help change the foam island dressing. I do this myself the days wound care does not come. It is quite awkward to do but I get better each time I do it. I have given up guessing when the wound will be fully healed. It is now very small, smaller than the size of a dime, and superficial. I figure a few more weeks at most and I will be at long last officially healed. What a long arduous process this has been. This has been a road I hoped to never traverse, one I hope to avoid for the rest of my life.
The point of the above is that my posts will and pretty much already have returned to normal programming. I will continue to hammer away at my undivided goal--equal rights for all people with disabilities. That is the one theme that hold each and every post together. It is a quest I will never give up on. It is my fervent hope that the posts I have put up over the last few years will help in some small way counteract what is written in the mainstream media. So, stay tuned for more words from this bad cripple.