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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life is Sweet

Dedicated readers will have noted July has been a slow month for me in terms of posts. Do I have an excuse? Sort of. I am very busy enjoying life. By life, I mean ordinary, or what was once routine. Sure I am still extremely cautious with skin care. -I get off my skin a few times a day for a couple of hours. However, I am back to doing what I once enjoyed. Nothing seems to upset me. I swear it is like I took a happy pill. I enjoy grocery chopping. I enjoy running errands. I love driving my car. I am kayaking and thoroughly enjoying the Hudson River Estuary. Last weekend I saw a massive bald eagle I admired from afar. I gave a lunch talk this week at the Hastings Center about predictive testing for Alzheimer's. The discussion that followed my short talk was stimulating in the extreme. This weekend I am going to Vermont to volunteer for an ultra marathon race called the VT 100. Better yet, I am going to Seattle next week. I am giving a retrospective paper about the past, present and future of health care. I will no doubt spend much of my time eating my way through Pike Place Market. I will catch up with friends who live in the area and meet new people. In short, my life has returned to normal or what passes for normal. I am a happy man. The point I am trying to make is that you will have to pardon the lack of posts for a little while longer. I am just too content with life to sit at my computer. I do plan on putting up a retrospective piece in a few days based on the paper I will deliver in Seattle. I have been working hard on this. So please forgive me and get outside and do something fun. Life is grand and I am enjoying every minute of it.