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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taxis New York City Style

I hope Mayor Bloomberg sees this video. This is an accurate assessment of the taxi situation in New York City. A person that uses a manual wheelchair has a chance to hail and enter a cab in the city. It is not easy but possible. A person that uses a power wheelchair is screwed as this video shows. I rarely take cabs in NYC. When I do I have a friend hail the cab--a friend that is bipedal and well dressed. I hide between two parked cars. When I emerge from between the parked cars my friend opens the rear door and then moves to stand in front of the cab so he cannot drive off. The result is I am able to ride in a taxi with a driver that will either be silent the enter time or will berate me the entire drive. Yes, this happens. This is why I use the MTA bus service which is reliable, though slow, and the majority of drivers polite and actually know how to use the lift. Still you would think I should be able to hail a cab like I do in many other cities across the country. Mayor Bloomberg should be ashamed--ashamed he is knowingly violating the law. If the Taxi of Tomorrow that he is backing with all the power he can muster is put in use I know I will not be able to use a NYC taxi for the next decade or more.