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Monday, April 9, 2012


I am leaving early tomorrow morning for Washington DC. I will be attending the TEDMED conference. Thanks to the Hastings Center I received a full scholarship to attend. Without this support attending the conference would not have been possible. I am going as a delegate and scholar. Sounds impressive. I eagerly await this conference as I often watch the TED Talks. If you are not familiar with them check out You Tube or Netflix. The talks are uniformly engaging. I hope to get some good photos that I will try and post. I am somewhat nervous about transportation. Washington DC and accessible transportation has been problematic at best. There is a stark dichotomy between what is supposed to be accessible and what is actually accessible. I have been assured I will not encounter any problems. Gee, some how I think I have heard this before. Always get worried when I am told not to worry, it is a recipe for disaster.