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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brooke Hopkins Dies

On July 17 I took strong exception to an article in the New York Times by Robin Marantz Henig. In my post, The NYT Infuriates Me, I took Henig to task for how she described the disabled body. This was not intended as a critique of Brooke Hopkins or his wife who is a well known bioethicist. For me, at issue was with the portrayal of the couple by the journalist in question.  For those unfamiliar with disability, I suspect it is possible to conclude death is preferable to life with a disability.  The reason I note this is that I was sad to learn that Brooke died. Here is a link about Brooke Hopkins death:


Lorraine Seal said...

For what it's worth:

As a long time friend of both Brooke and Peggy, I have no comment except to say they are/were extraordinary. Brooke's death diminishes us all.

william Peace said...

Lorraine, Thank you for the link. I followed their blog too. I never met them but I obviously read much of Battin's work. I disagreed with what she wrote but respected her scholarship.

Lynn said...

I was sad to hear this, too.

I have to say that Peggy Fletcher Stack, who wrote both this obituary and the previous series on Hopkins and Battin in the SLC Tribune, has been respectful and nuanced in her portrayals. I hope her pieces (and *not* the NYT train wreck) gain wider exposure in the wake of Brooke's passing. And I hope that passing was peaceful for both of them.

rh said...

Lorraine: I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for posting the link.